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Can UCLIQ help us to:
  • Improve tracking and attribution
  • Improve my traffic monetization
  • Prevent fraud and motivated traffic
  • Have flexible variable and fixed offer rates
  • Convert variable offer rates to fixed rates
  • Easily manage my domains and monitor health
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UCLIQ is the only platform to offer an integrated solution to address these needs, including:

• Powerful Admin and Publisher panels branded to your company domain and logo

• Big Data analytical tracker that keeps your conversions and a detailed information about them for life, click/conversion investigation tools, powerful reports and BI tools

• AI-based smartlinks and direct offers powered by automated traffic delivery system based on machine learning with continuous optimization per offer, per publisher, per smartlink

• Multi-layer Fraud Detection and Prevention suite, featuring rule-based automatic Click Antifraud and Fraud Mitigation tools

• Complete domain management tools and Rate Brokerage suite

Our Big Data and Machine Learning tools allow you to get the most of your data just when you need it. Data is used for realtime traffic delivery optimization, realtime fraud detection and prevention, conversion investigations.

Big Data analytical tracker

▪Big Data – driven tracking and attribution engine
▪Analytical and investigation tools
▪Business Intelligence tools
▪Customizable publisher postbacks
▪Unlimited conversion data retention
▪Long-term impression data storage (3M+)

AI-powered smartlinks and smart campaigns

▪Smart Traffic delivery system based on reinforced machine learning
▪Automatic and managed smartlinks
▪Smart direct offers
▪Constant optimization by publisher, offer, smartlink, preland and offer link

Brokerage suite with fixed and variable ratio rates

▪Set your custom ratio (%) and fixed rates per offer, publisher, geo and device
▪Convert your PPS offer to PPL and per publishers per lead, while earning on CPS and Revshare
▪Combine multiple small conversions into a larger fixed payout rate for offers and smartlinks via cumulative mode
▪Set your budgets for one or several offers, configure custom daily limits for publishers

DNS hosting and CDN traffic delivery

▪Transfer your domains to our nameservers
▪Assign domains for offers and smartlinks with automatic rotation and auto-generated subdomains for publishers
▪Monitor domain health, split and replace domains in tracking links

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Significantly reduce volumes of undesired traffic using UCLIQ’s multi-layer Fraud Prevention and Mitigation tools

Click-Antifraud suite

Realtime solution to detect potential fraud at the click stage, calculate a risk score, rule-based configuration. Protecting your PPL offer by redirecting more risky traffic to PPS and RevShare

Risky conversion detection and review

Auto-detect possible fraudulent conversions as they arrive, configure your own rules. Delay the conversions being displayed to the publishers and payouts added to the balances. Conversions filtered by rules are held for the manager review.

Conversion scoring and fraud mitigation

Investigate conversions before paying the publishers, check the IPs, fingerprints, a variety of patterns. Decline suspicious conversions without waiting for the Advertiser’s fraud reports.

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Configure the platform to your liking, monitor and track any changes made. Full role-based access and security.

Whilelabel and customization

Set the platform to your liking, including:

▪Whiltelabel on your own domain
▪Any platform currency with automatic rate conversion
▪Your own timezone
▪Personal timezones for your publishers, multiple languages
▪Custom payout methods
▪Default rates and limits

Role-based access and full audit trail

▪Configure your team members’ access based on your business requirements
▪Monitor and track any changes made, knowing who, when and what was done

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