FAQ• UCLIQ Affiliate Marketing Platform

  • What is performance marketing

    Performance marketing is a general term for any kind of online marketing where advertisers spend their budgets through specific channels and pay only when a required action is completed, such as sales, clicks, or leads.

    Affiliate — or partner — marketing is one of the most common forms of performance marketing. It relies on the model where individuals or commercial affiliates or partners promote specific products or services by creating affiliate links, usually smartlinks, or campaigns. These links allow performance tracking platforms to redirect traffic to the correct offer without wasting it.

  • What are the performance events and KPI

    There are several main KPI (key performance indicator) metrics in Performance Marketing:

    Hits a number of impressions (clicks on a tracking link)
    Uniques a number of unique visitors who clicked a tracking link
    Clicks a number of unique tracking link clicks, resulting in the offer page visit
    Hosts a number of unique IP addresses generated an impression (clicked a tracking link)
    Conversion an action when a website visitor completes a desired goal, such as making a purchase or leaving contact information.
    Decline during a decline, sales growth becomes negative, profits decline, and competition remains high
    Adjustment a correction of the conversion (e.g., decline cancellation, discretionary conversion); can be positive or negative
    EPM/CPM earnings/cost per mille, or the cost an advertiser pays for one thousand views or impressions of an advertisement
    EPC/CPC earnings/cost per click; it is the cost an advertiser pays to a publisher for every click on an ad
    CPS cost per sale, the amount an advertiser pays per sale event
    CPL cost per lead, the amount an advertiser pays per lead acquired (sign-up)
    CPA cost per action/acquisition, the amount an advertiser pays per specific action, can vary between different advertisers and offers
    CR click ratio, a ratio between clicks and conversions
    HR host ratio, a ratio between unique hosts and clicks, multiplied by 100

  • There are many players out there who claim they have a Smartlink. What is so special about your Smartlinks and how do they work?

    At UCLIQ, we aim to stay as close to the literary sense as possible. Our smartlinks use machine learning algorithms to maximize ROI for our clients and constantly learn new patterns and ways to increase KPI for the traffic.

    So how exactly do they work?

    Smartlinks allow access to a set of different offers through the same tracking link, using the domain name selected by the publisher. An actual selection of offers are made by the AI-driven Traffic Delivery System that takes into account the following parameters and rules:

    Type of traffic (Email, Social, Chat, Mediabuy, etc.) — offers may permit only a certain type of traffic
    Geo-location offers may permit traffic only from specific countries or explicitly deny traffic from specific countries
    Publisher reputation some offers may be only accessible for publishers with higher reputation
    Offer daily cap UCLIQ calculates caps as a 24-hour rolling window and prevents sending traffic to offers that have cap already filled
    Repeated clicks UCLIQ notices if an offer has multiple clicks from the same IP address and prevents multiple registrations from the same IP
    Constant optimization UCLIQ AI constantly learns how to efficiently monetize all types of traffic and find the offer that will maximize return for the publisher and the network. Also, AI takes into consideration peculiar properties of the traffic sent by a specific publisher and a sub-source, with only 100 clicks needed to explore the offer EPC and optimize it
    Alongside with fully-automatic AI-driven smartlinks, UCLIQ offers managed smartlinks and tracking links to individual offers, allowing clients to fine-tune their funnels manually if they have a specific need to do so.

  • Does Fraud Detection and Prevention really work?

    Unlike many other API-based services, UCLIQ has access to all data, including impressions, clicks, conversions, and declines, enabling it to analyze patterns and detect fraud at multiple levels. In detail, our Fraud Detection suite:

    Implements the immediate analysis of the data with no delay for the click and no negative collisions, ensuring a smooth process leading to higher conversion rates
    Detects probable bot traffic by constantly analyzing IP addresses and device fingerprint patterns, including emulator detection, known botnets, subnets, and others
    Detects probable fraud from publishers that access a platform from multiple devices and hide behind proxies or VPNs, as well as share accounts between numerous persons and groups
    Detects motivated traffic by analyzing sources, IP addresses, and device fingerprints from multiple publishers coming to the same offers
    Detects traffic coming from emulators or faking geos, device types, languages, time zones, and others
    Detects multiple clicks and conversions from the same IP addresses and same device fingerprints
    At the conversion level, UCLIQ analyzes multiple patterns and profiles them by assigning a specific risk score. Clients can set up numerous automated filters, allowing the system to flag suspicious conversions and put them on hold for further review.

    Among other features, you get access to:

    Affiliate registration profiling, allowing to define affiliate’s country, time zone, language, IP address, and provider
    Affiliate payout fraud detection — allowing to detect affiliates using the same payment accounts or ones working in groups
    Transaction data drill-down — ability to analyze historical data to find repeated patterns and behaviors and establish the genuineness of the conversion and quality of the traffic

  • What is a good CRM for partner marketing and why should I consider yours a worthy one?

    CRM software serves to consolidate customer information into a single profile so users can better organize and manage relationships, automate standard processes, synchronize sales, marketing, customer support, and monitor performance and productivity 24/7. So, CRM is basically an all-in-one service for your customer feedback.

    But if you have many partners, you need a bit more than just good CRM. So, we complemented our CRM with all the necessary features you seek to succeed right in partner marketing. As a result, with our platform, you can:

    Onboard new partners (webmasters, publishers, networks) and efficiently manage them
    Implement effective communication between partners and managers using the ticketing system and integrated email platform
    Profile partners based on high fraud suspicion taking into account their activity on the platform, registration, and login
    Provide partners with efficient support and help them succeed
    Streamline processes and protect sensitive data with Role-Based Security
    Always be sure why a certain change has been done with the help of full Audit Trail Log
    And much more…

  • What is a Private CDN and how can my business benefit from it?

    CDN stands for a content delivery network, which is a geographically distributed group of servers that work together to provide fast Internet content delivery.

    A CDN allows to quickly transfer the assets needed for loading Internet content, including HTML pages, javascript files, stylesheets, images, and videos. A CDN significantly improves loading times for pre-lands and landing pages, resulting in better traffic delivery and conversion rates.

    Another advantage of a CDN is increasing content availability and redundancy that operate as a load balancing and a failover service. It provides better service availability and better protection in case of DDOS or other service attacks.

  • Can I get a special price offer or tailor an existing price plan to my business model?

    Yes, you can. Every business can get a plan that exactly reflects its needs. While pricing will vary depending on the size of the business and tools required, we do our best to offer services at the most competitive price, at the same time giving full access to all premium features. Please contact our Sales Team to learn more about a custom plan and the savings you can get compared to the competitors.

  • I am not sure how long I would stay as a customer. How is it difficult for me to unsubscribe?

    We bill clients on a monthly basis. There is no lock-up period or pay-upfront period, and you may choose not to renew your subscription. Besides, you have our no-question-asked money-back guarantee if you feel that our platform hasn’t met your expectations.

  • What payment options do you accept? When will I be charged?

    We invoice our customers in any currency of their choice from the list:

    US Dollar
    Czech Koruna
    British Pound Sterling
    You may select any of the following payment methods:

    Wire transfer/SEPA/SWIFT
    Paypal/Payment Card
    Web money
    If your business uses a different payment method, we will be happy to implement it.

    The subscription fee is charged before you start using the platform and renews automatically every month. Also, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not fully satisfied with the services we provide. But we are confident that when you sign up today, you’ll get exactly what you need.

  • What does it take to move my business from my recent platform to UCLIQ?

    Indeed, moving large amounts of data can be time-consuming. However, we do our best to make the transition process as smooth as possible. Typically, all processes are transitioning gradually. Initially, only new publishers are onboarded onto the UCLIQ platform and only actual offers are configured. The second step implies the transition of the existing publishers, however you will still have access to historical data on the old platform. Finally, the old platform is phased out with historical reports stored for reconciliation

  • What is a private DNS?

    It is vitally important to maintain healthy domain names, valid SSL certificates, and a balanced name server cloud to ensure no traffic leakage, abuse reports, or general nameserver unavailability.

    We resolve all these problems by a private Domain Name Management System that operates dozens of name servers, automatic SSL certificate issuance tools, and smart-link domain name load balancing

    These features allow our clients to significantly reduce traffic loss or other possible damages.

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