Unlock Your Earnings Potential with UCLIQ Affiliate Marketing Software

UCLIQ is a new-age affiliate marketing tracking software designed to allow affiliate and partner professionals, CPA networks, and enterprises to intelligently run and expand their affiliate businesses.


Our Expertise in Affiliate Marketing

As one of the leading affiliate marketing platforms, we’ve successfully guided numerous businesses toward building and optimizing their affiliate programs, resulting in increased brand exposure, higher conversions, and sustainable growth.

The proof is
in the pudding

Since UCLIQ’s inception in 2016, all the clients have benefited greatly from its exceptional performance and powerful infrastructure, resulting in impressive figures for our customers, that show how effective tracking clicks and conversion and combating fraud and motivated sources can be.
Besides, all our customers significantly improved their business outcomes due to our powerful BI and KPI analytics and AI-driven traffic delivery system with powerful smartlinks.
More than 1B impressions 2019
More than 100K affiliates 2020
More than 100M conversions 2021
Besides, all our customers significantly improved their business outcomes due to our powerful BI and KPI analytics and AI-driven traffic delivery system with powerful smartlinks.

Get the Right Affiliate Marketing Tools to Support Your Needs

Digital marketing reporting software allowing you to control the costs of budgets
Unique Brokerage Suite with custom ratio and fixed rates
AI-powered Smartlinks and ad fraud detection tools for an extra boost
Smart reporting allowing you to control the costs of budgets
CDN, geo balancing, and domain hosting

What Industries Can Benefit from UCLIQ?

We understand that each industry comes with its own unique challenges, and we’re well-equipped to tailor our strategies to your specific needs. Here are some of the industries we serve:
Adult and Dating Services
For those sitting in the adult and dating domains, UCLIQ’s can offer special adult affiliate software, including features like advanced fraud prevention, versatile smartlinks, and efficient brokerage tools. These tools can help you create a secure and trustworthy environment, improve the quality of affiliates, and optimize operations for long-term success.
iGaming and Sports Betting
If you operate in iGaming and Sport betting industries you know how important it is to be able to track various goals, set custom fee schedules, generate invoices with goal statistics, send custom postbacks, have a full reporting and drill-down analytics. Add a robust and dependable anti-fraud system and you have a turn-key solution to launch and operate your product site. UCLIQ offers a comprehensive SaaS solution for Operators in these niches.
E-commerce, Nutra, Pharma
With UCLIQ tools, you can build and grow an affiliate e-commerce program that will drive traffic, increase sales, and improve customer loyalty. Whether you’re selling fashion, electronics, home goods, health and pharmaceutical products, UCLIQ can help you use affiliates to boost your online presence, address challenges such as fraud and bot traffic.
Finance and Trading
UCLIQ is a great match for diverse financial institutions such as traditional banks, investment firms, and fintech startups to enhance finance affiliate networks. Also, if you’re insurers or credit organizations, ranging from payday lenders, home improvement loan providers, to trading and investment firms, you can use UCLIQ to broaden your customer base, improve referrals, and try new lead generation and brokerage strategies
Real Estate
UCLIQ is a great way to manage and maximize real estate affiliate marketing efforts. Thanks to the platform’s features and tools, real estate agents can make more profit and increase sales, particularly in the areas of referral sales and influencer marketing.

Why Choose UCLIQ as an Affiliate Tracking Platform?

There are several compelling reasons to choose UCLIQ as your CPA affiliate marketing platform:
Technology That Works: Many platforms often offer tools that promise a lot but bring no visible results. Our platform provides solutions that really work
Expert Support: Benefit from our team’s knowledge and dedicated support at every stage of your affiliate marketing journey.
Custom Solutions: We understand that every business is unique, so we offer tailor-made solutions to suit your specific needs.
Innovative Tools: From affiliate recruitment to performance optimization, our platform is equipped with the tools you need to succeed.
Why we?

This platform is a perfect match
if you’re:

A mid-size or a well-established network interested to launch your white-label offers with custom rates and payouts and maximize ROI with anti-fraud and smartlinks

A startup launching an affiliate network and looking for a 360-degree solution that makes it all

Integrate UCLIQ with your platform

UCLIQ allows unique and seamless integration into your existing setup, without the hardships of moving your publishers to a new platform. This is how it works:
Add your offers
Transfer existing advertiser offer links to UCLIQ to route traffic to advertisers. This enables to use UCLIQ smart routing, reporting, cloaking, anti-fraud.
Set payout rates
Set payout rates and modes. based on traffic and publisher quality to minimize the risk and maximize ROI
Create tracking links
Place UCLIQ tracking links onto your existing platform as advertiser offer links, so publishers can access it with their existing setup (no need to transfer publishers to UCLIQ). UCLIQ will manage your custom offers and link with the advertisers
Smart traffic delivery
Traffic comes through your existing solution to UCLIQ and then to the advertisers, while giving you the benefit of custom rates, routing, smartlinks, and anti-fraud.
Full migration
You fully migrate to UCLIQ when you are comfortable and make a full use of all the features and seamless conversions
Lets work together
Why we?


Scale your analytics without limits with our world-class tool

JP MacDonald from

From my experience since we have had Ucliq’s software monitoring our campaigns we have seen a dramatic reduction in fraudulent transactions. We are now in the position to identify and cut out the sources that are conducting the fraudulent activity in realtime, thus improving our relationships with clients and our overall service providing!

Affiliate marketing reviews by Aziza Akhetova

Aziza Akhetova from

The platform is intuitive and user-friendly, the dashboard is handy, and shows up-to-date overall stats (i.d., you always have the up-to-date info regarding your stats in front, and you can easily compare the outcomes for today/yesterday or current/last month).

The section «Payments» is incredibly convenient; you can easily change your payment details and find out about all the conditions of the commission and the minimum thresholds for payments for each individual method.

For more detailed information on top locations or EPC and EPM data, as well as detailed stats, you can always check the «rates» and «reports» sections, wherewith the suitable filters and settings selected, you can find out the relevant information and data in real-time.

In general, the interface is user-friendly, does not hang, and is not overloaded with useless, unclear blocks, which is a huge plus from my point of view.

Daria Derzhavina from Click Dealer

The platform is intuitive and easy to use. I like the quantity and quality of Ucliq reports — you can analyze traffic from different sides and angles. And you have full detail of lifetime information on clicks.

I also like that there are a vast number of name servers. Besides, I enjoyed their EPC geo chart map — you can see which ones sagged or, on the contrary, went to the top.

Alex Sidorenko from Mobidea

Smartlink is fabulous — fully automatic and, moreover, based on artificial intelligence, every second and from every click selects a decent set of offers for each publisher individually. This greatly simplifies our affiliate managers’ workflow and helps reduce the number of employees.

There are no complaints about the support team. They are always eager to help and answer any question quickly.

Lutfor Rahman from Ad 2 Cash

I’ve tried lots of platforms, but UCLIQ stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness. What sets UCLIQ apart is their commitment to creating and launching tools that really work. Their Anti-Fraud has shown outstanding outcomes. Can’t imagine how much I could’ve lost if all those fraudsters were never stopped. It’s a trustworthy platform that has become a key player in my online income strategy.

Ronnie from Hetcash

I stumbled upon UCLIQ while searching for ways to boost my online income, and it turned out to be a game-changer! The platform is incredibly user-friendly, and their flagship tools, like smartlinks and smart campaigns, truly work. I’ve seen a notable increase in my earnings since joining UCLIQ, and the support from their team has been outstanding. If you’re serious about making money online, UCLIQ is the way to go!

What can you get after embedding UCLIQ?

Not sure what to expect? Take advantage of our free demo and arrange a free consultation to let us guide you through features most valuable for your business. Our specialists can help you to find the right plan for you or build a custom offer to suit your needs.
Improved ROI
Enhanced quality of partnerships
Better market positioning
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What you get