About us

UCLIQ was founded by a team of prominent experts with over 50 years of combined experience in affiliate, email, content marketing, exceptional proficiency in Data Science and Machine Learning, deep expertise in Risk Management and Fraud Detection, and background in FinTech and Banking

Empowered by a strong team of developers and data scientists with excellent skills in High-Performance, High-Availability solution implementation and infrastructure design, UCLIQ does its best to encourage every online business and provide clients with a rewarding experience.

Our strong belief in a rapidly growing performance marketing industry motivated us to transform what was once a private solution tailored to the needs of a limited number of companies into a publicly available Software as a Service platform. Now everyone involved in today’s marketing world can enjoy our top-notch solution: from affiliate and partner programs to CPA networks and Arbitration teams

Our strong background in Data Science, Risk Mitigation, Fraud Prevention, and Artificial Intelligence resulted in developing cutting-edge technology that gives a significant advantage to outperform all the competitors in your markets.

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Our mission

Whether you are an Influencer, an Advertiser, or a small eCommerce startup, now you can focus on things that really matter for you. Leave it to our all-in-one solution to analyze data, control attribution, reduce fraud, increase conversions and build dependable predictive models. Being engineers at heart, we strive to deliver maximum performance, reliability, and efficiency by providing all the tools to achieve better business outcomes, including a modern CRM, Business Intelligence Suite, and White Label solution. We take it to heart to offer an exceptional customer experience working with every client on the individual needs by providing a concierge service, educational program, and consulting assistance.

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Our team

UCLIQ’s core strength is a professional team of industry insiders, software developers and data scientists with vast experience and excellent skills, featuring dozens of years of experience in each of the key areas:

  • CPA/Affiliate/Partner marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • Backend software development
  • Big Data and Machine learning
  • Front end software development
  • DNS and GEO-balancing
  • System architecture and design for high-availability systems
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A word from our CEO

Having over 20 years of experience in FinTech, Blockchain, Trade Finance and cryptography, while being a CTO of a publicly traded company, I know first hand how important it is to build and continuously perfect technologies to combat ever evolving fraud, provide our clients with powerful risk mitigation tools, and constantly improving our industry-leading intelligent traffic delivery system based on reinforced machine learning. We take it to heart to offer an exceptional customer experience working with every client on the individual needs by providing a concierge service, educational program, and consulting assistance.

Alexander Randarevich


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