Different types of clients have both different price sensitivity and different needs. UCLIQ strives to address different types of clients with our carefully packaged Plans.
For affiliate networks and CPA marketing startups, Brands and Ecommerce stores.
Save $1,794/year
1M impressions included
10 000 conversions included
1 tracking domain
A professional-grade performance marketing Big-Data tracker software with DNS management and monitoring, full Business Intelligence suite and API integration to mail and chat/CRM external systems.
For medium-sized affiliate and CPA networks looking to provide improved targeting to their offers and smartlinks, build automatic funnels, reduce and prevent fraud.
Save up to $2,994/year
Unlimited impressions included
100 000 conversions included
5 tracking domains
Includes everything in Professional plan, plus: AI-based Traffic Delivery System with Smartlinks, Prelands, Antifraud suite, automatic payout generation.
For large networks, advertisers, agencies looking to re-brand 3-rd party offers and build custom funnels for own offers.
Save up to $5,994/year
Unlimited impressions included
500 000 conversions included
25 tracking domains
Includes everything in Network plan, plus: Brokerage suite to launch whitelable offers with custom targeted payouts, different payout models, lead-generating prelands, marketing mass-mailing system, DNS and email hosting.

Compare the plans

299 US$
Save up to $1,794/year
499 US$
Save up to $2,994/year
999 US$
Save up to $5,994/year
Big-Data Performance Tracker
Traffic Delivery System
Management portal
Publisher portal
Impression/Click/Conversion tracking
Aggregated Reports and BI suite
Report data export
Drill-down data tools
Geo/Device/Traffic type targeting
DNS management
CDN load-balancing
Smart prelands
Smartlinks/Smart routing
Publisher management
Publisher risk monitoring
Multi-role user management
Publisher postbacks
Multi-lingual support
Custom timezone support
Customizable payment methods
Personal domains
Multi-currency support
API access
External transactional email integration
External mass-mail integration
Conversion risk scoring/decline
Automatic conversion pre-hold
Multiple payout rates
Custom payout modes
PayPerLead/Cumulative modes
Payout budgets
Lead generation/Lead arbitrage
Auto-payout generation
Marketing mass-mail system
Transactional Email hosting
Website DNS hosting
White-label for 1 domain
1 000 000
10 000
100 000
500 000
Tracking domains
Chat/Email support
Live support, working hours
Custom development
Impressions/Hits, 1M
$25 ($0.25 per 100K)
Conversions, 50K
$25 ($0.50 per 1K)
$15 ($0.30 per 1K)
$10 ($0.20 per 1K)
Tracking domains, 5 domains
$25 ($5 per 1 domain)
$15 ($3 per 1 domain)
$10 ($2 per 1 domain)

Special Holiday 50% discount

In addition to the monthly payment plan, we also offer the Annual plans. By signing up today for an Annual plan, you will save 50% per year. Discount also applied to additional resource limits added to the Annual plan.

Available for a limited time only!

Custom industry-specific plans

We offer custom industry-specific plans suitable for both your niche, role and volumes. You may find more information about specific needs, goals and solutions as well as custom pricing available at Solutions page. If you can’t find a solution that address your specific needs – please contact us and we will happily build one for you specifically.

Frequently asked questions

What is a contract duration period?
All contracts are signed for 1 calendar year. During this time, we offer to grandfather all prices as written down in the contract. Should prices increase during the contractual terms, clients will enjoy the same prices as at the date of signing.
What are the payment terms?
Subscriptions can be either paid on a monthly or annual basis. Annual payments offer a 50% discount on a yearly cost compared to the monthly payment option. Annual payment should be submitted after the contract signing. Monthly fees are invoiced at the beginning of each calendar month. Should a client sign and enact a contract in the middle of the month, we will invoice them on a pro-rata basis for the remainder of the month.
What if I run out of my resource limits during the month?
We won’t stop your traffic or anyhow affect your business if you exhaust your quota during the month. You will receive an invoice for additional resource limits used at the beginning of a new month.
How do additional limits work?
When you spend your existing limits during the current month, we will invoice you for extra limits used at the beginning of a new month. We only offer extra limits in packages. I.e., we will invoice you for the number of packages for each type of resource you have exceeded your existing quota to cover the over-use.
Can I move my unused resource quota to the next month?
Unfortunately, you can’t. Quotas are set for the month, whether you use it or not. However, should you choose to use an Annual payment option, you can upgrade your monthly quotas for the whole year at an annual discount rate.
If I have an Annual plan, can I upgrade my limit quotas during the contract?
Yes. If you need to extend your limit quotas, you can upgrade your Annual plan for the remainder of the contract on a pro-rata basis (only paying for the remaining months) and still enjoy your annual rate discount.
Can I change my plans during the active contract?
Yes, you can always change your plan during an active contract. If you use an Annual payment option and would like to downgrade your plan for a lower price than what you paid, we will extend the duration of the remaining contract with the new plan pricing on a pro-rata basis (adding months).
What payment options do you accept?
We invoice our customers in any currency of their choice from the list: Euro US Dollar USDT You may select any of the following payment methods: Wire transfer/SEPA/SWIFT Paypal/Payment Card Web Money USDT If your business uses a different payment method, we will be happy to implement it.