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Who Is UCLIQ for?

UCLIQ has created customized solutions to cater to 3 key groups of market participants. 
UCLIQ for Arbitrage and Mediabuy
This solution is perfect for arbitrage and mediabuy groups operating in Partner and Affiliate marketing who have extensive experience. It comes with top-notch technology for smooth growth and further expansion, including Cloaker, Geo-fencing, Bot detection and handling, Proxy and VPN detection and handling.
We serve following industries for Arbitrage and Mediabuy clients:
Problems solving
UCLIQ helps to solve following problems faced by Arbitrage and Medibuy teams:
Quality traffic attribution, analytics, investigation and BI capabilities
Multi-faceted targeting, reliable traffic routing and delivery
Protection from bots and crawlers
Hiding affiliate links with brief non-descript shortlinks
Protection from online fraud, vpn, proxy users
International operations with multi-currency, multi-lingual, variable timezone support
Safe-guarding traffic from black listed domains, expired SSL certificates or abuse reports
Included features
Big Data analytical tracker
Traffic delivery system
Cloaker – bot and crawler detection and redirect
Click-antifraud, blocking VPN, Proxy traffic
Shortlinks to hide affiliate links
Geo/device/traffic type targeting
DNS tools and CDN
Admin and publisher panels
Multi-currency conversions
API integration
UCLIQ for Network
This solution is suitable for established medium-sized affiliate and CPA networks. It helps improve targeting and monetization of the traffic, build automatic smartlink funnels, reduce and prevent fraud, as well as manage, balance, and safeguard tracking domains with the DNS suite.
We serve following industries
Problems solving:
Quality traffic attribution, analytics, investigation and BI capabilities
Multi-faceted targeting, reliable traffic routing and delivery
Protection from bots and crawlers
Wrapping tracking links into easy to use shortened links
Hiding affiliate links with brief non-descript shortlinks
Protection from online fraud, vpn, proxy users
International operations with multi-currency, multi-lingual, variable timezone support
Safe-guarding traffic from black listed domains, expired SSL certificates or abuse reports
Maximizing traffic monetization via automatic smart-link technology
Automatic publisher payout processing
Included features:
Big Data analytical tracker
Traffic Delivery System
Geo/device/traffic type targeting
Admin and publisher panels
Multi-currency conversions
Clocker – bot and crawler detection
Smart direct offers
Customizable smartlinks
Proxy look-through
VPN detection and handling
Fraud prevention and detection
CRM integration
Email integration
Manual billing and invoicing
Automatic billing and invoicing
DNS tools and CDN
White-label integration
UCLIQ for Advertiser
This solution is a great deal for large networks and advertisers. It helps streamline offering with AI-powered smartlinks, protect against fraud, and create and rebrand 3-rd party offers with custom targeting, pricing, lead generation, and brokerage. E-commerce platforms, agencies, and brands can utilize UCLIQ to build their own affiliate network, referral programs, and brand ambassador networks.
We serve following industries
Problems solving:
Lead generation from 3rd party offers via smart prelands
Custom payout rate structures
Conversion of PPS/Revshare offers to PPL
Cumulation of several conversions into one, according to the rate structure
White-labeling of 3rd party offers with custom pre-lands, payout rate structure
DNS hosting security and direct product integration with the customer’s website
Integrated marketing mass-mail capabilities
Ability to generate conversions using custom goals
Included features:
Solution for Enterprises includes everything from the Network solution, plus customizable fixed and ratio payout rates, custom goal targeting, offer brokerage and white-labeling, lead generation tools, and solution name server hosting:
Big-Data performance tracker
Traffic delivery system
Geo/device/traffic type targeting
Admin and publisher panels
Multi-currency conversions
Bot and crawler detection
Smart direct offers
Customizable smartlinks
Default ratio/fixed rates
Customizable ratio/fixed rates
Brokerage tools
Fraud prevention
CRM integration
Email integration
Manual billing and invoicing
Automatic billing and invoicing
DNS tools and CDN
White-label integration
Solution name server hosting and website integration
Custom goal handling with preset payouts and sale amounts
UCLIQ for Operators


At UCLIQ, we aim to help you maximize your revenue through effective affiliate partnerships. This way, we provide a complete suite of affiliate marketing solutions tailored to your business needs.

Big-Data Performance Tracker
UCLIQ’s performance tracker allows you to create and export customized reports based on various factors like date, publisher, geo, offer, smartlink, and more. It also offers robust filtering and sorting options and multiple report views for traffic, KPIs, finances, and other purposes.
Traffic Delivery System
UCLIQ’s traffic delivery system (TDS) focuses on attribution, real-time traffic analysis, and detecting bots, crawlers, DDOS attacks, and repeated IP use. Depending on how it’s set up, TDS chooses a specific offer or uses machine learning to select the best offer from a smartlink to maximize monetization and conversion metrics.
Geo/Device/Traffic Type Targeting
Targeting allows you to set up offers and smartlinks in a way they can allow traffic from specific locations, block traffic from certain areas, target specific device types (PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, etc.), or accommodate specific traffic types specified by the publisher in their tracking link configuration. If an offer cannot accept the incoming traffic, the Traffic Delivery System (TDS) will find the next suitable offer in the same category/vertical and direct traffic to a specific destination with all the necessary tracking parameters.
Admin and Publisher Panels
UCLIQ is a cloud-based SaaS platform that can be accessed by both managers and publishers through web applications (panels). Admin (Management) panel allows customers to handle their assets, monitor publishers, and manage traffic, reports, payouts, DNS, and more. The panel also includes a role-based access control and full audit log, as well as offers an “impersonate” feature for convenient support access to a specific publisher’s panel. Publisher panel allows partners/publishers to access offers and smartlinks, create and manage campaigns, view statistics and reports, manage payout accounts, and monitor transactions and contact support.
Multi-Currency Conversions
UCLIQ supports multiple currencies and automatically converts postback values to the customer’s main currency, which is chosen during setup. The platform also keeps currency rates up-to-date by fetching them from various sources.
Cloacker: Bot and Crawler Detection
Crawlers are mainly used by search engines for some industries like gaming, gambling, and adult content, which could lead to link blacklisting. UCLIQ identifies crawlers and shows them a neutral page instead of the offer or prelanding page, depending on the smartlink’s setup.
Smart Direct Offers
Smart direct offers are AI-driven offer campaigns, extending basic offer functionality by adding a smart fallback and smart preland components. If the traffic cannot be sent to the offer due to targeting or daily cap(limit) restrictions, TDS will search for the next best suitable offer in the same category, effectively creating a virtual one-time-use smartlink. This technology offers better utilization of the traffic, reducing potential traffic loss and improving monetization overall
Customizable Smartlinks
AI-powered Smartlinks and Smart Campaigns allow you to maximize efficiency without wasting time on offer management. It automatically matches publishers with the best offers, taking into account EPC, EPM or suitable offers, geo, device type, and traffic. UCLIQ Smartlinks are fully automated and target maximum monetization.
Brokerage Tools
Customized payouts go hand in hand with our Brokerage Suite. Brokerage is a tool that helps manage and balance cash flow from advertisers and payouts to publishers by converting one payout structure to another (e.g., PPS to PPL) or accumulating publisher payouts to a fixed rate that suits both the network and publishers. PayPerLead mode allows you to buy incoming leads from publishers with a one-time payout and then collect all subsequent conversions from advertisers for your own advantage for a specific click event. In Cumulative mode, you can create a special payout rate for any offer or smartlink, tailoring it for specific locations, devices, traffic types, and individual publishers. Cumulative mode collects conversion payouts from advertisers and adds them to a specific publisher’s campaign after deducting commissions. When the cam
Default Ratio/Fix Rates
With UCLIQ, you can set up each offer to use either ratio or fixed rates for publisher payouts. Ratio payout rates represent a percentage of the customer’s charges per conversion. There are two types of payout rates that can be applied to an offer: – Default rate – default percentage value of commission charged per conversion. – Publisher rate – individual percentage value of commission specified in the publisher’s account. Fixed payout rates mean that an offer can also be configured to generate fixed payout rates specified in the platform’s currency. Customizable rates allow you to set custom ratio or fixed rates for certain publishers, geographies, devices, and traffic types. This way, the same offer may generate different payouts depending on these parameters.
Proxy and VPN Detection and Handling
UCLIQ offer look-through all major public Proxy services and detects most public and private VPN services, enabling separate handling for this type of traffic, including redirects, special prelands, etc.
Fraud Prevention
UCLIQ has a powerful fraud detection and prevention system. The Big-Data Tracker collects and analyzes all incoming traffic data, including device fingerprints and IP addresses. The fraud detection suite then uses machine learning to identify possible fraud patterns and assigns a Fraud Risk Score to each conversion. This helps identify suspicious conversions, which can be rejected one by one or in groups.
CRM Integration
UCLIQ allows you to integrate with any CRM of your choice, using the chat features that can be added to the publisher panel for support and on-boarding.
Email Integration
With UCLIQ, you can use your own email servers for sending transactional emails to publishers. Also, you can integrate your mass-mailing system with UCLIQ by syncing publisher lists and email addresses for automated email campaigns.
Manual Billing
UCLIQ features the publisher payout functionality, which supports multiple payment accounts for each publisher. It can generate payouts, provide reports, and export data to payment systems for processing. Additionally, it can help you create personalized invoices for each of your publishers.
Automatic Billing
In addition to manual billing and invoicing, the automated billing system can generate payouts on a set schedule, following specific criteria. First payout delay – delayed processing for publisher’s first payout. Minimum payout balance per payment method – prevents generation of small payouts that don’t match specified threshold amount. This option is normally used alongside the Fraud Prevention Suite, where payouts are automatically generated once conversions have been verified and any fraudulent ones have been declined.
DNS Tools and CDN
UCLIQ’s DNS tools allow you to add second-level domains by switching their name servers to multiple UCLIQ nameservers. The platform will automatically load-balance domain name usage among the publishers, monitor for blacklisting, automatically transfer tracking links from one domain to another when needed and notify publishers. CDN allows to reliably serve content from the nearest geographical location to the visitor, improving conversion rates.
White-Label Integration
Set up a solution with your own domains, logos, and mailing system. API integrations are available on request.
Solution Name Server Hosting
You can choose to use UCLIQ’s domain name server hosting, benefiting from its reliable network and fault tolerance. This option also allows for easy integration of the publisher panel into the customer’s website, eliminating the need for subdomains.

How to Migrate from Other Platforms to UCLIQ?

To access most of the advanced features UCLIQ has to offer, you don’t necessarily have to abandon your current platform and fully migrate to UCLIQ! We offer a convenient path to integrate UCLIQ with your existing publisher management system and/or tracking software, while giving you the advanced capabilities, such as smartlinks, anti-fraud, and brokerage.

If you are starting your affiliate program or launching a new branch of your existing venture, you will find that UCLIQ offer a straightforward path to configure your offers, smartlinks and onboarding of the publishers, including migration of your existing publisher population

Having a flexible API, UCLIQ can be set up to pull your advertisers, offers from your existing system, expediting the launch of your program

UCLIQ Benefits

Our Expertise in Affiliate Marketing

Due to 15+ years of experience in the affiliate marketing industry, our team of experts understands all the complexities and nuances of this dynamic field.

We’ve successfully guided numerous businesses toward building and optimizing their affiliate programs, resulting in increased brand exposure, higher conversions, and sustainable growth

What Industries Can Benefit from UCLIQ?

UCLIQ’s affiliate marketing expertise covers a wide range of industries. We understand that each industry comes with its own unique challenges, and we’re well-equipped to tailor our strategies to your specific needs.
Here are some of the industries we serve:
With our tools, you can build and grow an affiliate network that will drive traffic, increase sales, and improve customer loyalty through strategic affiliate partnerships. Whether you’re selling fashion, electronics, or home goods, UCLIQ can help you use affiliates to boost your online presence.
With UCLIQ your gaming network or website can benefit from advanced anti-fraud and smartlink solutions, lowering decline rate and improve KPIs.
We collaborate with a wide range of financial institutions, including traditional banks, investment firms, and fintech startups, to improve their affiliate programs. Moreover, insurers and credit organizations, spanning from payday lenders to home improvement loan providers, can use UCLIQ to expand their customer base, enhance referrals, and implement lead generation and lead brokerage strategies.
Medical Services
Private clinics and dental offices seeking more leads and referrals can effectively grow their networks with UCLIQ’s tools.
Adult and dating services
Adult and dating services can take full advantage of UCLIQ’s solutions, from fraud prevention to smartlinks and brokerage tools.
Real Estate
Real estate companies can benefit from implementing UCLIQ for their referral sales and influencer marketing
Start with UCLIQ

How to Start Working with Us

Starting a partnership with UCLIQ is simple. Just follow these steps to get started:
Sign Up
Create your UCLIQ account and provide us with some basic information about your business.
Our team will reach out to you for a personalized consultation to understand your goals and tailor our services accordingly.
Strategy Development
We’ll work together to develop a customized affiliate marketing strategy that aligns with your business objectives.
Our experts will guide you through the process of setting up and launching your affiliate program on our platform
Continuously improve your program’s performance with our data-driven insights and guidance.

Why Choose UCLIQ as an Affiliate Tracking Platform?

There are several compelling reasons to choose UCLIQ as your affiliate tracking platform:

Technology That Works:
Different platforms often offer tools that promise a lot but bring no visible results. Our cutting-edge platform provides solutions that really work.
Expert Support:
Benefit from our team’s extensive knowledge and dedicated support at every stage of your affiliate marketing journey.
Custom Solutions:
We understand that every business is unique, so we offer tailor-made solutions to suit your specific needs.
Innovative Tools:
From affiliate recruitment to performance optimization, our platform is equipped with the tools you need to succeed.


Is UCLIQ suitable for small businesses?
Absolutely! UCLIQ is designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, from small startups to well-established enterprises. Our scalable solutions ensure that your affiliate program grows alongside your business.
What makes UCLIQ different from other affiliate marketing platforms?
UCLIQ stands out with its personalized approach, advanced technology, and dedicated support. We prioritize understanding your business and tailoring our services to meet your unique needs.
What does Smartlink do?
Smartlinks allow access to a set of different offers through the same tracking link using the domain name selected by the publisher. An actual selection of offers is made by the AI-driven Traffic Delivery System that takes into account the targeting parameters and custom settings.
What does Fraud Prevention do?
Unlike many other API-based services, UCLIQ has access to all data, including impressions, clicks, conversions, and declines. This data allows for analyzing patterns and detecting fraud at multiple levels. You may use UCLIQ to audit conversions and publishers, generate declines, or configure an automatic conversion hold system that will hide conversions with a certain risk level from publishers until a manager decides to approve or decline it.
What is a Private CDN, and how can my business benefit from it?
CDN stands for a content delivery network, which is a geographically distributed group of servers that work together to provide fast Internet content delivery. A CDN allows the quick transfer of the assets needed for loading Internet content, including HTML pages, javascript files, stylesheets, images, and videos. A CDN significantly improves loading times for pre-lands and landing pages, resulting in better traffic delivery and conversion rates.
What does your DNS management do?
It is vital to maintain healthy domain names, valid SSL certificates, and a balanced name server cloud to ensure no traffic leakage, abuse reports, or general nameserver unavailability. We resolve all these problems with a private Domain Name Management System that operates dozens of name servers, automatic SSL certificate issuance tools, and smart-link domain name load balancing.

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UCLIQ Benefits