Real Estate and Medical Services

UCLIQ is a great way to manage and maximize lead generation in real estate and private medical clinics affiliate marketing efforts. Thanks to the platform’s features and tools, real estate agents and clinic marketing teams can make more profit and increase sales, particularly in the areas of referral sales and influencer marketing.

UCLIQ offers customized plans for business owners that include features created to help solving these challanges.

Each plan is based on a corresponding standard plan, which can be found on Prices UCLIQ website page, but also adds an additional functionality, necessary to address challenges mentioned above:

  • Robust and lightning-fast traffic delivery system
  • Extensive reporting tools with multi-aggregation and drill-down
  • Anti-Fraud features to avoid paying for motivated low quality leads
  • Automatic schedule-based payout and invoice generation, payment instruction export

All these custom plans include same traffic/conversion/domain limits as standard plans, which can be expanded throug the purchase of Extra limits.

What can you get after embedding UCLIQ?

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Improved ROI
Enhanced quality of partnerships
Better market positioning
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What you get