UCLIQ’s Affiliate Marketing Platform for the Adult/Dating Services

UCLIQ’s Affiliate Marketing Platform is tailored for the diverse adult & dating industry.

We cater to adult content websites, live shows (webcams), dating websites (straight, LGBTQ+), and adult games. Our comprehensive solutions address the unique challenges faced by advertisers and publishers in this sector.

Who Can Benefit from UCLIQ?

Our platform is designed for:

  • ​​CPA/Affiliate Networks (3rd Party Advertisers): Those seeking a reliable platform to manage and optimize their adult/dating offers.
  • Direct Advertisers: Businesses wanting efficient tools to promote adult content, live shows, dating websites, and games.
  • Content/Membership Platform and Game Developers: Ideal for partnerships and referrals in the adult industry.

Problems We Solve

​​UCLIQ offers a cutting-edge solution to navigate a wide spectrum of challenges:

  • Diverse Publisher Base: Track and analyze performance across a wide range of publishers, from small entities to large networks.
  • Link Blacklisting: Combat lost traffic due to reported links and banned domains.
  • Ad Bans and Content Checks: Prevent traffic loss by addressing CPC platform bans and content scrutiny by crawler bots.
  • Fraudulent Traffic: Tackle high levels of fraud originating from VPNs, simulators, and bots, impacting rates and leading to traffic bans.
  • Geographical Challenges: Optimize CPL offers to avoid fast depletion over daily limits, preventing further traffic loss.
  • Payout Rate Complexity: Simplify and market diverse payout rates to rebuild trust with publishers.

Solutions We Offer

UCLIQ offers advanced technologies and versatile features to help advertisers and publishers in the adult industry navigate challenges with ease and efficiency:

Big Data Analytical Tracker:

  • Track events, conversions, targets, and publishers.
  • Comprehensive KPI, performance, bot, traffic, revenue, and currency analytics.

Complex Publisher Management Suite:

  • Manage publishers with individual configurations.
  • Detect and analyze fraudulent publishers, track their IP use.

Domain Parking and Management System:

  • Track domains on AWS nameservers with blacklist monitoring.
  • Assign domains to offer campaigns, use public and private domains.
  • Automatic domain load balancing for reduced blacklisting risk.

Bot Detection and Fraud Prevention:

  • Analyze traffic using ML-assigned patterns.
  • Automatic risk-scoring, alerting, and conversion hiding based on set risk scores.

AI-Driven Smartlinks:

  • Group offers by categories and set additional categories.
  • Create smartlinks optimized for EPC/EPM, geography, and traffic types.

Complex Payout Structure:

  • Set payout rates in ratio or fixed modes.
  • Configure manual traffic delivery rules and multi-layer daily caps for offers and publishers.

Traffic Brokerage:

  • Set pay per lead or cumulative payout modes.
  • Assign custom payouts based on publishers, geography, traffic type, and device.


What can you get after embedding UCLIQ?

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