UCLIQ’s Affiliate Marketing Platform for the Financial Services and Trading industry

UCLIQ is designed to meet the unique needs of the financial, credit, and trading industries.

We cater to payday loans, home improvement loans, credit card organizations, prepaid card organizations, insurance companies, forex trading, stock trading, and cryptocurrency operators.

Who Can Benefit from UCLIQ?

Our platform is a great option for:

  • CPA/Affiliate Networks (3rd Party Advertisers): Seeking a reliable platform for managing diverse financial and credit-related offers.
  • Direct Advertisers (Financial Institutions): Financial organizations looking to efficiently promote payday loans, home improvement loans, credit cards, prepaid cards, insurance, forex trading, stock trading, and cryptocurrency operations.
  • Financial Service Platform Developers: Ideal for partnerships and referrals in the financial services industry.

Problems We Solve

UCLIQ presents a robust resolution for addressing various challenges:

  • Diverse Publisher Base: Track and analyze performance across a diverse range of publishers, from small entities to large networks.
  • Link Blacklisting: Combat lost traffic due to reported links and banned domains.
  • Ad Bans and Content Checks: Prevent traffic loss by addressing CPC platform bans and content scrutiny by crawler bots.
  • Fraudulent Traffic: Tackle high levels of fraud originating from VPNs, simulators, and bots, impacting rates and leading to traffic bans.
  • Geographical Challenges: Optimize CPL offers to avoid fast depletion over daily limits, preventing further traffic loss.
  • Payout Rate Complexity: Simplify and market diverse payout rates to rebuild trust with publishers.
  • Complex Financial Payout Structures: Provide flexible payout structures and plans to accommodate varied financial product goals.

What can you get after embedding UCLIQ?

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Improved ROI
Enhanced quality of partnerships
Better market positioning
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What you get