E-commerce, Nutra/Farma, Digital products and services

With UCLIQ tools, you can build and grow an affiliate e-commerce program that will drive traffic, increase sales, and improve customer loyalty. Whether you’re selling fashion, electronics, home goods, health and pharmaceutical products, UCLIQ can help you use affiliates to boost your online presence, address challenges such as fraud and bot traffic. Digital content and educational product merchants can also benefit from using UCLIQ to address their needs.

UCLIQ offers customized plans for Arbitrage, Networks and Advertisers that include features created to help solving these challanges.

Each plan is based on a corresponding standard plan, which can be found on Prices UCLIQ website page, but also adds an additional functionality, necessary to address challenges mentioned above:

  • Robust and lightning-fast traffic delivery system
  • Extensive reporting tools with multi-aggregation and drill-down
  • Smart routing technology, including AI-driven Smarlinks, Smart prelands and Smart fallback for offers
  • Anti-Fraud features, including detection and prevention tools: Conversion Scoring, Publisher Scoring, Conversion Auto-hold
  • Automatic schedule-based payout and invoice generation, payment instruction export

All these custom plans include same traffic/conversion/domain limits as standard plans, which can be expanded throug the purchase of Extra limits.

What can you get after embedding UCLIQ?

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Improved ROI
Enhanced quality of partnerships
Better market positioning
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What you get