October 2022 updates

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Published: 31 October 2022
Last update: 17 February 2024

In October we continued our efforts to make the Admin panel be as exciting and intuitive work space as possible, in addition to release more new features:

  • Rate brokerage tools
  • Custom limits
  • Custom budgets
  • New publisher onboarding process and UI for the Publisher Panel

Rate brokerage tools

Brokerage is similar to arbitrage in many ways but instead of buying traffic cheaply and selling it for more, it arbitrages the money flows for the CPA network between what is being paid by Advertisers and what is to be paid to publishers. Brokerage tools are converting variable amount conversions sent by advertisers to fixed rates paid to publishers.

There are two models currently supported by UCLIQ:

  • Pay Per Lead – converting CPS/RevShare conversions to PPL
  • Cumulative – setting your own custom rates for offers to be paid to publishers when there is enough balance collected from the advertiser’s postbacks

Pay Per Lead

This mode allows you to convert any offer payout model into PPL, by setting a fixed rate (custom per publisher, geo,device type, platform, traffic type or default for all traffic) that will be paid to publishers when the first conversion is registered for the click id. The specified rate will be paid to the publisher who originated the traffic, while the postback value and all subsequent postbacks from the advertiser will be collected by the Network. You can also set a budget for the offer to specify how much money can be spent on payout out for the leads to publishers. 

This mode can be used to promote certain geo, traffic types and devices.

Cumulative mode

This mode allows users to set custom or default fixed rates for the offer, and accumulate incoming postbacks per offer per publisher, until the balance is enough to generate a fixed rate payout. 

This mode can be used to isolate the publisher from receiving multiple postbacks whose amount can vary by an order of magnitude, and receive a specified and promoted rate.

Custom limits

Custom limits allow you to set up daily limits for individual publishers or groups, which is typically used with PPL offers, where advertisers specify a total amount of leads that will be paid per day and limits per source.

Custom budgets

Budgets are used in conjunction with the Pay Per Lead mode and can be used by the offer individually, or shared between several offers. Budgets allow to limit the monetary exposure of the network for promoting certain types of traffic or subsidizing publishers.

New publisher onboarding process and UI for the Publisher Panel

UCLIQ has completely revamped the new publisher onboarding process, by allowing them to see the full Publisher Panel in read-only mode until their account is activated. That allows new publishers to familiarize themselves with the platform while waiting for the activation and serves as a great promotional tool for the Networks.

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