September 2022 updates


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Publushed: 30 September 2022

Last update: 25 July 2023

September 2022 has been a very intense and exciting month for the UCLIQ team and our clients. We have release a long-awaited list of much-needed features for everyone in CPA marketing business, including:

  • Fixed offer rates
  • Custom rule-based offer rates
  • Advanced tracking domains management and automatic load-balancing

In addition to this, we have released a complete new UI for working with offers, including new Offer Listing and Offer Details screens.

Fixed offer rates

In addition to the percentage-based rates UCLIQ was offering in the past, we were excited to provide our clients with a possibility to assign a fixed rate for any offer, specified in the client’s network currency. Addition of the fixed rates enabled us to provide clients with the very potent rate brokerage tools.

Custom rule-based offer rates

It is now possible to specify custom rates (either ratio or fixed) for any offer, depending on the combination of traffic parameters:

  • Publisher (who originated the traffic)
  • Geo of the traffic origination
  • Device (mobile or desktop)
  • Platform (Apple, Android, Windows)
  • Traffic type (mobile, chat, seo, email, etc)

You may specify some or all of the parameters and apply a rate (% or fixed) based on the match.

Fixed rates are specified in the client’s platform currency.

Advanced tracking domains management and automatic load-balancing

UCLIQ has released another iteration of the Domain management tool. Now you can easily add any 2-nd level domain to the system by pointing the nameserver records to the 4 nameservers provided by the UCLIQ platform at the time of domain registration. You also will be able to specify whether to use a domain exclusively for smartlinks or direct offers (campaigns).

Domains assigned to the smartlinks or the offers should be added to the load-balancing slots, so the publishers will be able to get a selection of least-used domains, providing equal distribution of usage among all slots and domains.

Domains assigned to smartlinks and direct offers can also be replaced, in case of domain failure, blacklisting. A notification is sent to the publishers who use that domain.

Smartlinks or offers with an excessive concentration of publishers can be split into two or more domains using the Domain Management tool.

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