Cloaking: Bot and Crawler Detection


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Publushed: 18 February 2024

UCLIQ implements advanced measures to identify and mitigate the impact of crawlers and bots. Below, we will explore the significance of bot and crawler detection, and how UCLIQ’s approach adds an extra layer of protection to the affiliate marketing ecosystem.

Understanding Crawlers

Crawlers, commonly employed by search engines, play a pivotal role in indexing web content. 

However, in certain industries such as gaming, gambling, and adult content, the presence of crawlers can lead to link blacklisting. 

UCLIQ addresses this challenge by actively identifying crawlers and diverting them to a neutral page, specified by Manager.

This redirection strategy is flexible, allowing the platform to display a specificpage instead of the intended offer or pre-landing page based on the smartlink’s setup. 

This approach ensures that the affiliate’s links remain safeguarded from potential blacklisting, preserving the integrity of the marketing campaign.

Managing Bots in Advertising Platforms

Bots utilized by major advertising platforms like Google or Facebook serve the purpose of validating links within advertisements. However, their activity can inadvertently lead to bans or delays for media buyers. 

UCLIQ detects these bots and strategically redirects them to specificpages, designated by Managers, mirroring the approach used for crawlers. 

By doing so, the platform mitigates the risk of bans or delays imposed on media buyers due to the automated validation processes initiated by advertising platforms.

Combating Malicious Bot Activity

In addition to legitimate uses, bots can also be employed with malicious intent, aiming to generate fake leads and registrations. 

UCLIQ recognizes the potential threat posed by such fraudulent activities and implements robust filters to identify and thwart malicious bot attempts. 

When detected, these malicious bots are redirected to a specifically designated page, preventing any unauthorized engagement and maintaining the integrity of the affiliate network.

Benefits of UCLIQ’s Approach

  • Preservation of Affiliate Links: By actively identifying and redirecting crawlers and bots, UCLIQ ensures the preservation of affiliate links, protecting them from potential blacklisting or adverse actions by advertising platforms.
  • Enhanced Media Buying Experience: Media buyers using the UCLIQ platform can experience smoother transactions without the fear of bans or delays caused by automated validation processes, contributing to a more efficient and streamlined advertising process.
  • Fraud Prevention: UCLIQ’s comprehensive bot detection measures actively combat fraudulent activities, safeguarding the affiliate network from fake leads and registrations that could compromise the integrity of the marketing campaign.
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