Default Ratio and Fixed Payout Rates


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Publushed: 17 February 2024

UCLIQ affiliate marketing tracking platform allows users to optimize their publisher payouts by offering flexibility through both ratio and fixed payout rates. 

Ratio Payout Rates

Ratio payout mode generates payouts to publishers based on the amount of conversion, received from an advertiser via a postback, applying payout rate, represented as a percentage of the total amount received.

Payout rates can be specified in offers with three options:

  • Default payout rate for a particular offer
  • Publisher payout rate specified in a publisher account
  • Custom payout rate specified for a number of conditions

Default Rate

The default ratio payout rate is the baseline percentage of the customer’s charges per conversion. This value serves as the standard commission rate applied to each conversion by default.

Publisher Rate

Publisher rate allows admins to set individual percentage values for commission in each publisher’s account. This allows for tailored commission rates, catering to the unique needs and agreements with different publishers.

Custom Payout Rate

UCLIQ platform allows to specify custom payout rates for any offer by creating payout rules, based on combination of parameter that should be met, including:

  • Country (-ies) – traffic originating country
  • Device – device type traffic is originated with
  • Platform – device ecosystem, such as Apple, Windows, Android
  • Traffic type – specific type of traffic declared by a publisher

Fixed Payout Rates

Fixed payout rates introduce a different dimension to the affiliate tracking process. Users can configure offers to generate fixed payout rates specified in the platform’s currency. 

Fixed payout rates are specified in currency, instead of percentages. There are 3 modes available for fixed payout model:

  • Pay Per Lead rates – One-time payment generated to the publisher with a first conversion for a particular click.
  • Cumulative rate – Aggregated rate, combining multiple smaller conversions into a required payout amount.
  • Fixed rate goals – Ability to set a payout rate for a publisher when a postback with a particular goal is sent.

Customizable Ratio/Fixed Rates

UCLIQ goes beyond one-size-fits-all solutions with its customizable ratio and fixed rates. Users have the freedom to set custom rates based on specific criteria, including publishers, geographics, devices, and traffic types.

Publisher Customization

With publisher customization, you can tailor your affiliate program by setting custom ratios or fixed rates for individual publishers. This ensures that your partnerships are built on terms that align with each publisher’s unique contribution and performance.

Geographic Customization

Recognizing the diverse nature of affiliate marketing, UCLIQ allows users to customize rates based on geographic locations. This feature is invaluable for targeting specific markets and adapting commission structures to regional nuances.

Device and Traffic Type Customization

Due to device and traffic type customization, it becomes possible to fine-tune a payout strategy according to devices and traffic types. Whether it’s mobile traffic, desktop users, or specific traffic sources, UCLIQ gives you the tools to optimize your affiliate program for maximum effectiveness.

Let us guide you through the features most valuable for your business. Arrange a free demo to see UCLIQ at work and get all your questions answered.

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