DNS Tools and CDN Integration


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Publushed: 18 February 2024

UCLIQ’s affiliate tracking platform stands out with its robust DNS tools and CDN integration. Below, we’ll explore the features and benefits of both, shedding light on how it can help managers and publishers streamline their affiliate campaigns.

Integration of Second-Level Domains

UCLIQ’s DNS tools provide users with the capability to add second-level domains by transitioning their name servers to the platform’s own. The system vigilantly monitors the NS records, automatically triggering the issuance of SSL certificates upon the implementation of changes.

Tailored Domain Usage

Managers have the flexibility to customize the use of domains based on their specific requirements. Whether it’s configuring a domain for a smartlink, associating it with a particular category, or designating it for private use among a select group of publishers, UCLIQ caters to diverse needs.

Round-Robin Domain Balancing Technology

UCLIQ incorporates advanced round-robin domain balancing technology, strategically distributing domain usage among publishers. This ensures an even distribution, mitigating the risk of domain blacklisting. The platform intelligently assigns two least-used domains to publishers, supplementing any personal domains they may choose to add.

Proactive Domain Health Monitoring

Staying proactive is key in the fast-paced world of affiliate marketing. UCLIQ’s domain suite includes constant monitoring for SSL certificate expiration, resolution issues, and potential inclusion into blacklists. This vigilance enables users to stay ahead of potential problems, preventing traffic loss and maintaining a healthy affiliate ecosystem.

Campaign Flexibility and Notification System

UCLIQ empowers managers with the ability to transfer smartlink and offer campaigns between domains seamlessly. 

Users can split domains, replace them, or make any necessary changes with ease. The platform’s automatic notification system ensures that publishers are promptly informed of any modifications, both through their Publisher panel and email. 

These notifications include a prompt to retrieve a new tracking link and replace it at their publishing venues.

Let us guide you through the features most valuable for your business. Arrange a free demo to see UCLIQ at work and get all your questions answered.

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