How Trafee Reached 40% Improvement in EPM on Average with Smartlinks

Written by: by Maria
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Published: 16 August 2022
Last update: 17 February 2024

Don’t understand how smartlinks work? Learn how TRAFEE coped with traffic issues from unsupported devices, capped campaigns, and spent budgets.

“A Smartlink is a great tool that has made the life of our publishers easier than ever before. Instead of using several offer links in different campaigns, you create a single optimized source- and sub-source Smartlink in a few seconds, enabling consumers with different GEO, device, and OS to see the most suitable offer. It’s literally magic.” – TRAFEE 

Background and Business Profile

TRAFEE is a mobile and desktop European-based affiliate network specializing in delivering ads on desktop and mobile devices and allowing webmasters, app developers, and media-buyers to monetize their mobile traffic by the market’s highest standards. 

TRAFEE has tens of thousands of active affiliates and processes over 100M impressions per month, making it an industry participant who would greatly improve its ROI by optimizing parameters such as Earnings per Click and Earnings per Mille (thousand of impressions) due to Smartlink implementation.

TRAFEE also has a wide range of options for advertisers interested in:

  • Desktop or mobile clients
  • Various GEOs (over 100 countries)
  • Different offer verticals
  • Specific client platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac)
  • Specific traffic sources (SEO, Chat, Email, Social, etc.)


As a mobile and web affiliate network, TRAFEE experienced numerous issues with the traffic that, for some reason, could not generate profit for publishers:

  • The clicks weren’t sold directly to the advertiser because the campaign reached its cap
  • The budget allocated for the campaign had been spent
  • The ad was directed to a user with an unsupported device, OS, or GEO
  • No other tools could help to monetize the traffic


UCLIQ allowed the TRAFEE network to help its publishers avoid all traffic and profit losses due to its Smartlink option. Based on the AI-driven Traffic Delivery System, UCLIQ Smartlink uses machine learning algorithms and constantly discovers new patterns and ways to increase KPI for the traffic. 

When, generally, the unfamiliar audience would be lost or unavailable for monetization, with Smartlink, publishers are guaranteed to get decent payouts. 

How It Worked

Using UCLIQ technology, TRAFEE has enabled its publishers to configure a Smartlink in the most effective way for traffic, taking into account the following parameters and rules:

  • Type of traffic 
  • GEO-location 
  • Offer daily cap

Having placed a Smartlink URL into their inventory, publishers let the tool detect unfamiliar audiences, recognize consumers’ geo-location, OS, device, and interest category, and find the offer that would induce users to click and complete the action, displaying it in the inventory. 

Thus, a Smartlink managed all blank spots in the traffic flow and allowed each unique visitor to see only relevant ads regardless of their GEO, OS, browser, and device.


40% improvement in EPM on average – The overall traffic has been decently optimized 

100% improvement in specific verticals – Due to the potential of using correct GEO/device/OS filtering, every click has become possible to monetize, and from now on, none will ever get lost

No more remnant traffic – Maximized ROI

What to Expect in the Future

UCLIQ AI constantly learns how to efficiently monetize all types of traffic and find the offer to maximize return for the publisher and the network. Also, AI takes into consideration peculiar properties of the traffic sent by a specific publisher and a sub-source, with only 100 clicks needed to explore the offer EPC and optimize it.

Top Tip Regarding the Case

UCLIQ Smartlink uses progressive algorithms for searching for the most suitable offers and needs some time to optimize itself. That’s why Smartlink starts showing good CPA after some time of working, not immediately. The optimization speed depends on the volumes, quality, and the variety of available offers.

What can you get after embedding UCLIQ?

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