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Publushed: 17 February 2024

In the world of affiliate marketing, staying ahead of the competition requires a platform that not only understands your needs but predicts them. 

UCLIQ’s Affiliate Tracking Platform takes customization to a whole new level, empowering users with AI-powered Smartlinks and Smart Campaigns. 

UCLIQ’s AI-powered Smartlinks and Smart Campaigns revolutionize the affiliate marketing experience by eliminating the need for tedious offer management. 

These tools automatically match publishers with the best offers based on a variety of factors such as EPC, EPM, geo-location, device type, and traffic, ensuring the connection with the most relevant and high-performing offers.

Fully Automated Monetization

UCLIQ Smartlinks provide a fully automated solution for affiliates looking to maximize their monetization efforts. 

The platform’s AI algorithms work tirelessly in the background, analyzing data in real-time to optimize the matching process. 

This results in an efficient and hands-free approach to affiliate marketing, allowing users to focus on what matters most – driving quality traffic and conversions.

Custom Traffic Rules for Tailored Campaigns

Recognizing the diverse needs of affiliates, UCLIQ goes beyond automation by offering the flexibility of custom traffic rules. 

Users can override automatic behaviors for specific geographies, devices, traffic types, and affiliates, tailoring campaigns to suit their unique requirements. 

This level of customization ensures that affiliates have full control over how their offers are presented and promoted, allowing for a more personalized and targeted approach.

Customized Payout Rates with Cumulative Payout Mode

UCLIQ’s innovative Cumulative Payout Mode introduces a brokerage feature that enables affiliates to configure customized payout rates. 

This powerful tool allows users to set unique payout rates for specific geographies, devices, traffic types, and even individual publishers. 

By providing this level of granularity in payout customization, UCLIQ empowers affiliates to optimize their revenue streams and incentivize performance in a way that aligns with their business goals.

Let us guide you through the features most valuable for your business. Arrange a free demo to see UCLIQ at work and get all your questions answered.

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