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Track and monetize traffic

Big Data analytical
  • Big Data – driven tracking and attribution engine
  • Analytical and investigation tools
  • Business Intelligence tools
  • Customizable publisher postbacks
  • Unlimited conversion data retention
  • Long-term impression data storage (3M+)
AI-powered smartlinks and smart campaigns
  • Smart Traffic delivery system based on reinforced ML
  • Automatic and managed smartlinks
  • Smart direct offers
  • Constant optimization by publisher, offer, smartlink, preland, and offer link
Brokerage suite with
fixed and variable
ratio rates
  • Custom ratio and fixed rates
  • Ability to convert PPS offers to PPL, while earning on CPS and Revshare
  • Cumulative payout mode
  • Configurable custom daily limits
DNS hosting and
CDN traffic delivery
  • Customizable domains
  • Automatic rotation and auto-generated subdomains for publishers
  • Domain health monitoring

Prevent and mitigate fraud

Antifraud suite
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Risk score calculation
  • Rule-based configuration
  • Redirection from PPL offers to PPS and RevShare
Risk detection and review
  • Fraudulent conversion auto-detection
  • Conversions delay
  • Conversions filter
  • Manual review
Conversion scoring and fraud mitigation
  • Conversions investigation per IPs and fingerprints
  • Suspicious conversions decline

Customize and audit

While label and customization
  • White label on your own domain
  • Any platform currency with automatic rate conversion
  • Any time zone for you and your publishers
  • Multiple languages
  • Custom payout methods
  • Default rates and limits
Role-based access and full audit trail
  • Configurable team members’ access
  • Changes tracking and monitoring